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Kakita Kae by MarioWibisono

Sanghee has already mentioned this but I have to say that I agree, having her hair down bothers me even though I know much less about Japanese style and culture. Her hair ornament is very beautiful, although comparing to how you shaded the top stick, the rest of it seems a little dull. On the other hand, I think you shaded the things that CassieCreations had mentioned alright. If anything needs a shadow across it, it would be the screen with the cranes since you have a light source from the right.

Another thing that bothers me (though it might be just me) is her legs, or lack-of. Although I can understand her posing, the folds where her legs may or may not be is just a little too flattened, even if you had placed them behind the low table.

Last problem is the accessory items: the duo crane screen plus the flowers. Speaking as someone who grew up with various Asian arts (Chinese, Korean and Japanese water coloring/painting, flower arrangement, Chinese oriental clothing, etc.) there is almost no possibility of cranes being paired with the flowers you've drawn. As wonderful as the splashes of pink balance out the wooden and golden colors are, cranes in a grey-white background goes with bamboo or pine or another sort of winter plant. Perhaps one of those ornamental little posed trees (bonsai?) would be a better placement...?

Otherwise, I love the elegance she has and it is overall very beautiful.
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